How this blog came to be

Miss Foodie Two Shoes came about after nearly two years of me saying I was going to start a food blog, but never having the courage.  Honestly, I was just scared because I’m really not very tech savvy (ahem) at all.  My husband finally convinced me 2016 was the time to jump in!  He made the best points:  how much could I have already done and learned in the past two years?  How will I ever learn if I don’t just DO it?  I also recently saw a quote from the fabulous Meryl Streep that has really resonated with me: Put blinders onto those things that conspire to hold you back, especially the ones in your own head. <—Love that.

Other than the technical side of things, I also had a really really hard time figuring out a name.  I would brainstorm ideas and then search to see if they were already taken.  Every name I came up with was either already in use or for sale for $1,000+…no good.  I finally came up with the name when I was playing with my toddler one day and called her “little miss goody two shoes,” and it hit me right then!

I hope you’ll continue to visit my blog – I’m learning as I go, and my goal is to get better with each post, so please bear with me!

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